First Post – So Excited!!

Thank you for visiting my site first of all, so lets get to it!

Here’s a little bit about me… My name is Crystal. I am a late 20s individual living in Snohomish County, just north of Seattle and am in love with gardening. Each day when I get home, I let Caroline out, my little fluffy dog, and I make the rounds to see what is happening on my little 1/3 acre suburban lot. I start with checking out the blueberry bushes, then I observe the apple tree. After the apple tree is the raspberry bush, ever-bearing variety. Then, onto the main attraction!! The vegetable garden.

I have two 4’x8′ raised bed gardens at the moment with plans to expand with two more 4’x8′ beds and another bed for potatoes, size to be determined. I knew I needed to know what all I would like for the garden prior to getting going, so I sat down. What did I want? Row cover? Irrigation? Did I want to heat my beds? There were so many options! Well, I decided that I would like irrigation and the ability to place row covers. I installed the beds with the help of my fabulous fiance, soon to be husband, David.

Growing Medium: We used a blend of peat moss, vermiculite, and compost for the growing medium.

Row Covers: David helped me bend some EMT conduit for the row covers to float on. The row cover packaging says it is ok to just lay the cover on top of the seedlings, but I always think they will get crushed! We placed EMT conduit holders so that I could remove the covers if needed or wanted.

Irrigation: We used some micro irrigation lines, 1/2″ for the main feed from the hose bib, and 1/4″ for the lines that have the drippers on them. I also have a broadcast sprayer for each bed.

And now I am 4 months into the growing season and I have just harvested my potatoes! What have you done in your garden lately?


One response to “First Post – So Excited!!

  1. I’m so excited to be the first on your blog. congratulations and good luck! I’m wondering if you’ll be posting pictures of your garden beds? Having seen them myself, I think it’d be great to show others because your cover system is great! And having read about your watering system, I’m wondering about having you over to set up a similar system for me…? Oh, we’ll need a picture of Caroline too…

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