Oh Tomatoes!

I just got back in from checking on the garden. I wanted to check on the tomato plants, they have been flowering for almost two weeks, and I just haven’t seen anything yet. But tonight I found my first mini tomato. It is on par with the size of a TicTac. Everyone I know has sizable tomatoes on their plants already, but here’s the catch. One has a green house, one had purchased a tomato plant with little tomatoes on it, and… I started mine from seed. In March. I have plants that are three feet tall, but only just started to flower. Dang Seattle weather. A great wedding present would be sizable tomatoes when I get back. Oh how thrilled I would be!

No mini peppers yet though. Bummer. But, the green beans (bush variety) are seeming to recover from the potatoes taking over. I do have a little green bean, its so cute. I just hope he gets some brothers and sisters, and QUICK. I would like some yummy green beans for dinner.

How is your garden coming along?

One response to “Oh Tomatoes!

  1. I have tomatoes on the south side of the house that volunteered; left over from last season. I sure hope we get enough warm weather to give them time to mature. I don’t even know what variety they are! The easy way to start from seed?

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