Fall Garden Planning

Well, over the last couple of weeks the weather has been better than normal about the Puget Sound. This may make us think that it is just not time yet to think about the fall garden. Ah, are we mistaken! In order to have healthy seedlings by the time fall rolls around, we need to be thinking about it now. This will ensure that you have some fresh food production throughout the fall and into the early winter. Fresh lettuce in November? Who knew!

Some plants to consider for the fall garden. Lettuce, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, beets, onions, swiss chard and others.

Some things to think about when planning your fall garden is the possibility of bad weather that could kill off your fall production. Some options to protect your fall garden would include cloches, row covers, cold frames and greenhouses.  You may need to mulch heaviliy some of your crops to protect them. Have that thought in mind when planning your fall garden.

I know that I will be planting all of the above, what about you?

One response to “Fall Garden Planning

  1. My carrots have sprouted and I harvested some potatoes today!! bought some mixed green starts at Molbaks in Woodinville too. Almost got some brussel sprouts but I can’t thjink of anyone that eats them besides me. The garlic is almost ready for cleaning. Will save my seed stock to replant next month…

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