Garden Recap – My Return

For being gone so long, everything looks great! (Thank you neighbor children.) I have a couple of tomatoes coming along!


And a couple of raspberries…

But, a couple of my corn plants have fallen over. All of them actually. Granted, I only have 5 plants, but they have all fallen over. I will need to see about staking them today. I will post an update when I have them done!


Other than that, I have alot to catch up on. What have you been working on lately?

One response to “Garden Recap – My Return

  1. Welcome back! Pavers…been working on laying pavers! It looks good though! we’ll finish when we get back from vacation middle of September. Had a lovely visit with a new friend last week. She worked the Bothell Farmer’s Market last summer, as did I, and that is where I met her. She contacted me about seed garlic and we ended up talking for 2 hours about garlic, mostly! AND a friend of mine gave me 3 new garlic varieties to try and I also discovered a website called where I found several new varieties of organic garlic, so my 2011/2012 garlic patch will have about 13 to 15 varieties in it this year. looks like I’ll have to plant the entire patch this year but this means that I will have some soft neck varieties for braiding! I’m happy to share though. The raspberries are about done and the blueberries are ripening. What the birds didn’t eat, I picked. I was out picking last night and there was a robin in the tree behind me just giving me all kinds of what for for being in HER blueberry bush, but i got a pretty good harvest really. Just hoping for enough warm weather to allow the tomatoes to ripen.

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