Product Review – Garden Gloves

So for a while, I thought that the ONLY gloves that anyone should wear outside for yard work were leather gloves. I had found the perfect pair too. They were made by Women’s Work Gloves. They were fabulous gloves. I wore them into the ground though working around the yard. And then I needed another pair. I had  hard time finding them, so hard that I actually gave up. Yes, I know I could’ve ordered them online, but… its the instant gratification thing. I think I will order another pair here shortly.

But I needed a pair of gloves, so for the meantime, I picked up a pair of nitrile coated gloves made by Atlas. I don’t think they have a website, but I have found them in local nursery shops, and Amazon has them, but the shipping is much more than the gloves. They are good gloves for the garden and other light yard work. Their benefits include being washable, they protect that manicure you just got, and they keep the little, tough to remove, speckles of dirt out of your nails. Easy clean up afterwards.

Who makes your favorite glove? Add a link!

2 responses to “Product Review – Garden Gloves

  1. Has anyone found a pair of garden gloves, for women, that hold up longer than a month? I go through a lot of gloves because the fingertips always give out…all that weeding. I love the nitrile gloves, but again, the fingertips don’t hold up. Duluth Trading has a pair of gloves that look like they’d be pretty durable, but they’re imported and not cheap…still looking…Will try the Women’s Work Gloves.

  2. P.S. HEY!! I checked out the link to Womens’ Work Gloves…and they have reinforced the fingertips! I’m ordering a pair…or two. THANKS!

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