Gardening will Make you Happy!

And growing some of your own food will make you healthy! But really, gardening will make you happier! If you Google the terms “study gardening makes you happy”, Google will pull up a slew of articles that point to a single study conducted by Dr. Chris Lowry at Bristol University in Great Britain. He hypothesized that there was a strain of Mycobacterium vaccae would increase the happy chemicals in your brain and thus reduce stress and anxiety. The articles go into some depth on his research, and so I will not elaborate here except to say that his findings show that this bateria is good for you, and your mental health.

Not only may the Myco bacterium help you be happy, but the act of just looking at the growth and the yummies coming out of your garden will make you happier. You can lean on your raised bed and just look, drift off into space. Lean on your hoe and just start staring off into the distance, not really thinking about much.

With the dark and gloomy months coming here soon, start thinking about getting outside and maybe do a little bit of fall and winter gardening. It will help you to unwind and maybe even help with the winter blues here in the Pacific Northwest.

Do you think that working in the garden makes you happier? Why?

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