Container Gardening for Fall Vegetables

Have you ever thought to container garden? Container gardening is useful for a couple of situations. Pests such as deer, rabbits and ground burrowing pests would be deterred by a container garden located closer to the house. Containers would also help if you have very rocky soil, which is very difficult to remedy without lots of rock picking. The house would also allow for heat retention during these ever shortening days as fall approaches.

Some vegetables that can be grown in containers are beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, salad greens, onions, peppers, radishes, squash and tomatoes. That actually sounds like many of the vegetables we eat everyday. So container gardening would be beneficial for many vegetables and the containers themselves are helpful for many reasons. As stated before, they can help deter pests, they are moveable, and they help to create a great starter environment. If someone wanted to start small, they could get a pot and soil for less than $20 that would be able to produce as much if not more than that in salad greens for the fall even more cost effective method for a container would be to get a bag of growing medium from your local garden shop or big box home improvement store. When you get home, poke holes on one side, enough for drainage, and then flip it over and cut a large hole on the other. This will be where you plant your veggies! The next year you can take this bag of soil and put it wherever you want, or you can grow in it again, but the plastic may be breaking down by this point.

Containers in the fall are helpful that they will help you with putting your summer gardens to bed with a cover crop or just resting them for a growing season. I know in my garden right now, there are things that need to still mature, and so, I can’t just start my fall lettuces and other cole crops.

Containers also do well in a cold frame or cloche. The two season extender methods are great for container gardening because you can add some heat sink items like milk jugs full of water or bricks at the bottom, both of which will release heat during the colder nights.Using containers in these methods will help to give room for the heat sinks in the cold frame or cloche.

So, does this help to get you into the mood for fall gardening, and maybe the easy way in a container?

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