How Cold are You?

What is your USDA Hardiness zone? Did you know that you can have some microclimates on your property and around your neighborhood that could affect your gardening?

Most of the Puget Sound is classified as an 8A (10-15°F), there are two areas that are different. The area around Olympia, is classified as a 7B (5-10°F),and the area near Port Townsend/Port Hadlock/Port Ludlow is classified as a 9A (20-25°F). The higher the number, the warmer the average winter temperatures are.

These numbers are great to start from, but when you have different structures such as hedges and buildings, they may capture cold and create a colder area, thus creating stress or even death to your precious vegetables! Here is a great resource for understanding microclimates, from Cornell University. You will also want to take into account your larger area topography. If you live on a hill or in a valley, this is also taken into account in the Cornell publication.

So with this in mind, think about vegetable protection for the fall and winter time and revisit this post come summer.

What experiences have you had regarding your own microclimate?

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