Harvest Time is Near

Hopefully here soon everyone will be getting bumper crops of all of our summer grown vegetables. I am hoping for tomatoes, corn, carrots, and onions. These are the ones taut seem to be doing all right at this point, but anything is possible!

I already know that my green beans (bush variety) will be a large failure, but this is because they were overgrown by the potatoes earlier in the year. My broccoli will also be a failure due to it bolting and going to seed. My cucumbers are also to not produce great due to me putting them out too early. The cucumbers are putting on flowers now, but due to their stunted nature they will not produce much, if anything.

I got about 15 pounds of potatoes when I harvested about a month ago and I have them in my garage floor between two folded burlap sacks. The tomatoes are still green, but getting bigger, I know I could force them to ripen later if necessary by placing them inside on a windowsill after harvest time. The onions are getting bigger as they progress throughout the season. I can store these in the garage for use later along with the potatoes and garlic from Miss Mar.

What and where will you be storing your harvest?

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