Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend… the weather was great, the sun was out and now, after all of that, the rains will come. Yep, the rains are coming, this Saturday actually, according to The Weather Channel.

But, in anticipation of the rains coming, David and I got ALOT of stuff done this weekend. We got a fence built. We got a couple of plants at Molbak’s end of season plant sale. I don’t know if that’s what it is really called, but, that’s what I am calling it!

So I got grapes! Exciting huh? I ended up getting two grape vines at 50% off! They are both table grapes that will mature in 2-3 years. One variety named Canidice and Interloken. One is an early red and one is an early green grape.  I planted them so that they can bask in the afternoon sun on the fence. I also worked on getting the old tree stump out and made a slug trap with some beer. For the slug baits you just can’t beat the 24 oz cheap beer at the grocery store!

My raspberries are fruiting a little bit, I think I may have gotten about 10 berries from the plant, but for the first year… And they were so delicious! They had a very mild creamy texture and flavor to them. I can’t wait until I get more of the berries next year!

What did you do this weekend?

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