Fresh from the Garden

On Friday, I picked a tomato from the garden. He was starting to get ripe, but I wasn’t quite sure he’d get there before the rains made him start to rot. I picked him and forced him to get ripe, on the windowsill of course!

Well, Sunday night he became an addition to our dinner salad. He and his cucumber friend! Yes, I got a cucumber! Remember when I put up the photo of the really late cucumber flowers? Well… here is a photo of a cucumber from one of those really late flowers! He was yummy!

Late last week I also picked an ear of corn, last night we grilled him up and had him with dinner. He was alright, I wasn’t completely impressed. But I also picked up the packet of seeds on a whim with no real research.

Speaking of research, I will also be looking into a shorter season tomato variety than the one I had planted this year. Hmmm, maybe a greenhouse variety will work good with our shorter season.

What have you harvested lately?

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