Keep it Growing, Year after Year

For the last couple of weeks, I have been getting the fall perennials catalogs regarding what to plant now and what you can buy now for springtime planting. I’ve received Raintree’s catalog, gotten emails from Springhill and Gurneys, and Molbaks was having their fall clearance. Ah, we now know its fall, and the rains will be upon us!

So, with the rains coming what should you plant? Well, if you’d like to add a couple of layers to your yard, as permaculture does, you can think of your yard as layered. You have trees, scrubs, vines, and ground covers. When planning your plantings, please remember to think twice if what you are planting is considered “invasive”. These are usually fast growers and hard to remove (think… ivy). Although fast growing can be helpful, it may be something that if you decide, will be hard to remove in the future.

I have started some of my perennial plantings so far, I have a couple of blueberry bushes, an apple tree, and a raspberry plant. I would like to add a couple more shrubs to the mix, including gooseberries, bush cherries, and more. I am also thinking about adding a couple of perennial ground crops such as skirret, a sugary root crop that resembles carrots, and mache, a self sowing lettuce relative.

Whatever you plant, be sure you have checked the zone maps, and have researched exactly what the plant needs for soil type and nutrients. With that what will you be putting in this fall? Tell us in the comments below!

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