My Arch-nemesis

My arch-nemesis. It is the snail. I guess he doesn’t realize that I am at war with him, so I don;t know how that relates to the arch-nemesis concept, I think it is usually when two are knowingly against one another. This is more like a one sided war.  I have seen some that are the length of a dollar bill. Really, here is a picture! Isn’t it gross?

I have seen them ravage a plant in days. So far, no matter what, I cannot get a handle on them. I would love for them to disappear. I wish someone would tell me their purpose. All creatures have a purpose. What is a snail’s purpose? David George Gordan says he knows their purpose. I don’t though, and I extremely dislike them. They eat my veggies, they slime up the side of my house, and they disintegrate when they are in beer too long. Believe me, you want to change the beer often. I still have gag reflex when I think about the disgusting sight of the… well nevermind. You’ll find out one when you have left the beer out for too long.

So, how do I get rid of them and keep them away from my garden? I am still trying. I really am. I have tried the beer. I have tried the OMRI listed slug and snail killer. I pick them off when I see them, but they are so stealthy, I hardly ever see that they are there until they’ve been there… and my broccoli’s gone.

I am disappointed. I like feeding nature and all, but really, can’t they just respect my garden? Here soon I’ll need to get chickens and let them eat everything they find. Anyone know of a rent-a-chicken?

How do you keep the slugs and snails under control? Let me know in the comments below!

2 responses to “My Arch-nemesis

  1. Aww yes, the elusive PNW native banana slug…voracious I agree. I have more of a problem with the tiny black slugs that reduce my hostas to fine lace work. Typically the earth and pet friendly slug and snail bait works on them but I also amend that in the summer with garlic. The robambol, or flower stalk, of the garlic has a long stem that can be used the same as garlic in cooking and I learned a few years ago that slugs and snails do not like garlic, so after I cut the rocambol off of the garlic plant to redirect the growth energy to the bulb, I cut the rocambols into small pieces and scatter them about the yard, especially near my leafy greens and hostas and it seems to work. Or maybe the culprits LOVE garlic and eat the pieces instead; either way, my other plants seem to benefit.

    • Well, it looks like I will need to plant some garlic to use against these little guys. The photo was taken over the summer. It seems that the ones eating away at my garden are the smaller ones. Maybe the big ones would be easier to see!

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