Well… Its Over.

The thought that it might get warm again, that is… the first frost came Saturday night, and in a dramatic fashion, left a path in its wake. You could tell in the morning that the rooftops were covered, and the blades of grass were crunchy. And by Sunday afternoon, my tomatoes had wilted to a very dead state. They were unhappy about the lack of warmth for them to continue their quest to keep on producing. My cucumbers and peppers were fairly unhappy as well, doomed to be dead soon! Fun factoid, did you know that peppers are actually a perennial crop in some areas of the world?

But… my arugula, brussell sprouts, and other winter veggies took the temperature in stride, rollin’ with the punches. But now I know that I must bundle up to go out in the evening, with a flashlight of course. I am thinking about starting a greenhouse tomato inside this winter and maybe getting some great tomatoes in the dead of winter.  Do you have any winter plans?

Well, its sad, but the garden is going into a slumber for a while. But come spring, watch out!

One response to “Well… Its Over.

  1. i’m typically rather lazy during the winter months. I have catnip going in the greenhouse and I’m trying to see if i can get my basil to survive the winter in the greenhouse as well, but the garlic is in, the pond plants have been pulled out and stashed into their winter home, I’ve done my leaf mulching, covered the furnture, the fish are sleeping and aside from weekly trips out to water the overwintering plants in the greenhouse, I will most likely hybernate inside like the rest of the country. Its a good time to make use of the pumpkin I put up last year; pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins. I have raspberries and blueberries and tomatillos and asian pears all preserved and in the freezer from last years harvests just waiting to help me warm the house with spicy, wonderful baking smells! Winter is hard on the garden but the summer garden creates wonderful opportunities for winter goodies! come late winter, early spring I’ll be in the greenhouse getting my seeds started for the new growing season!

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