New Year, New Garden

Well we are finally to the beginning of January and it is time to start thinking about your garden for the year, but did you know that it is almost time to start planting?

Over the last couple of weeks I have received a couple of catalogs for my favorite seed houses. I have received a Territorial Seed catalog, High Mowing Organics, and a Baker Creek catalog. So exciting!

But this weekend, there was a bit of a setback… 2 inches of setback! And they’re calling for more!

I’ve had to take down the garden cover due to wear and tear, and I can’t find a replacement! They’ve discontinued the size I need and I just haven’t gotten to making a new one out of pieces.

Yesterday when taking a look around, I saw that the lavender in the back yard is laid down. I hope they survive, I know that they are supposed to be hardy, but I still worry about them!

The apple tree is just hanging out, she is starting to bud just a bit, but she too is covered in snow! (Her trunk is protected with a tree protection sleeve.)

So… what are your plans for the next couple of weeks?

Well, I for one am going to start checking off what I will be ordering for the garden… I have 2.5x the amount of planting space this year as last! Alot of planning and alot of seeds will be needed. Possibly even another grow light and heat mat. Well maybe. We will see when that time comes!

Please leave your plans in the comments below! I look forward to your ideas.

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