I Have Begun, Have You?

On Saturday, I started my seeds. I have an unusual number of tomatoes, four different varieties. As a gal grown up on the east coast, I need my summer tomatoes. I have heard from others that the tomato is a lost cause here, but, I feel that I must have some. Outside, not in a greenhouse, but a real true tomato, outside.

So, here are my four varieties:

  1. Kibits Ukranian Tomato – Amishland Seeds
  2. Tess’ Land Race Tomato – Amishland Seeds
  3. Arbason F1 Tomato – High Mowing
  4. TM862 Stupice Tomato – Territorial Seed

I also planted some peppers, broccoli and cucumbers. Here is my seed starting setup. I have a piece of rigid foam under the heat mat, and a grow light to assist my little seedlings.

Here is everything, ready to go! I have a big box warehouse brand sprayer bottle for watering the seedlings once they get going. This allows a soft water stream that will not disrupt the seedling’s growth. I also have the light on a timer.


So, I have started, have you? Please let us know in the comments below!

One response to “I Have Begun, Have You?

  1. Nancy Hallgring

    Your a head of Mom have been thinking about it. Did clean some bed the other day and looked at the compost bins to move some “GOOD” soil over.

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