What’s Growing On?

What’s going on! But really, whats growing?

Alot here at my place! The asparagus is moving right along, I might be wanting asparagus for dinner this weekend! Don’t they just look yummy?

And a really interesting occurrence…

… last year’s potato crop sprouting again! It looks like I missed a couple. Maybe more than a couple, probably about 10-20 potatoes!

And this year’s potatoes are just moving along. Planted on the 10th of March…

they are under a row cover to help keep in the heat.

The lettuce, spinach and carrots haven’t started their growth yet, but the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers I have started inside are taking off like wildfire!

These guys have been moved into 4″ pots and are away from the heat pad. They get natural sun throughout the day in a south facing window. Last weekend they spent Saturday outside.

And these guys are just about to get into 4″ pots.

What’s going on in your garden? Leave comments below!

One response to “What’s Growing On?

  1. Cucumbers are growing, onions, potatoes, sugar pumpkins under a row cover. Spring is here! whoo pee!

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