Spring has sprung…Time to fertilize your garlic!

It does seem like spring is trying very hard to make an appearance just now…things are blooming, budding and sprouting and the birds are making their nests.  Most importantly, the garlic patch is growing!

Spring means warmer temperatures and some sunshine, which is when your garlic will start setting cloves so it’s very important to fertilize.   

Your garlic has used the winter months and rain to set its roots, now it will start setting cloves and use the summer weather and the fertilizer that you give it to grow nice and big and tasty! So it’s very important to fertilize.  You will see a marked difference in your harvest if you do.


Garlic patch spring growth, still mulched and now fertilized

I used a worm casting fertilizer because it’s organic and easy to use. I mixed about three cups of worm castings with water in a two gallon bucket and poured the mixture between the rows of garlic. The nice thing about the straw mulch is that you can see where you have fertilized.  Be sure to pour in a lot. You want to feed your soils so that the garlic can use the nutrients.  I’ve poured on a lot of worm castings and I’m counting on the rain forecast for this week to help water the castings into the soil.

Another alternative is a compost tea. Use organic compost (I’m all about organic) and create a giant tea bag using cheese cloth or burlap. Just hang the tea bag over the edge of a 2 gallon bucket and let it steep, just like sun tea, for at least 2 days. You can find information on this method on line; I found several by just typing in “Making compost tea”.  Some methods are easier than others so just choose

what works best for you. Very important; don’t let the tea steep too long or you’ll get algae and lose the nutrients you need for the soils. I learned that lesson the hard way.   

Once the garlic is fertilized you can concentrate on other chores in your garden until it’s time to remove the rocambols; more on that next time.

Don’t forget; keep those weeds under control.

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