Transplating – When to Upsize

Transplanting.  To uproot and replant (a growing plant).

From here….

To here… Don’t they just look happier?

With this I mean to move a tiny seedling to a much larger pot. When starting seeds in a flat, they will need to get out and get bigger, plus it allows the plant to keep getting bigger, before it needs to go outside.

Ideally one would transplant not long after the first set of “true” leaves emerge. True leaves are not the first leaves you see, those are called the cotyledon leaves. You can transplant into some extra 4″ pots, peat pots, or newspaper pots. Newspaper pots are a great way to reuse some of the Sunday funnies!

To begin, have all of your supplies ready. I usually have a bucket of soil mixture (some like to use moist soil, I have not tried this), a trowel, my up-pots, and if inside, a couple pieces of newspaper laid out (to keep the mess to a minimum).  If the seedling’s soil is in slightly dry conditions, this will help it come out of the cell much easier. Then you would hold the plant by the leaves, not the stem. Holding the seedling by the stem would possibly cause harm to its uptake and removal routes (for water and nutrients). Place 1″ of soil into your up-pot and then place the seedling into the pot, adding additional soil around the mix from the cell to fill up the pot. Gently push the added soil into place and add more if necessary. Water the new potted seedling generously and watch them take off!

Do you have any suggestions for transplanting? Please leave us some comments below!

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