Mason Bees!

Well, this weekend, I set up my new mason bee home. Mason bees are a bit different than regular bees (honeybees) in that they do not produce honey, but they are much more efficient pollinators around the garden! It is said that honeybees are just clumsy!

David was so nice to make a new bee house for them and we mounted it to the south side of a tree in the yard. Here is a photo…

I got the disposable straws from nearby Molbaks, along with the bees. I really wanted the wooden blocks, but they had sold out of the blocks by themselves. Settle I did. So I ended up getting the “easy tear” straws. We mounted it onto a tree, a little above David’s height and put the bees inside.The bees are in the little box above the straws!

Look for a status update when they start “hatching”.

Do you have a mason bee house? Have you thought about getting one?

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