What’s Growing Here

Here at the homestead, the apples trees are starting to put on fruit and the raspberry bushes are putting on flowers. The blueberry bushes have a couple of flowers, but not enough for a decent crop. Maybe there’ll be more soon.

I am hoping to get rid of this early blight I have gotten on my tomatoes and get them growing again.

The asparagus are past their picking prime. Some of them are taller than I am! The cucumbers that I put out died from early exposure. It was just too cold for them. Very sad. I am starting a new set of cucumbers for this year, hopefully they’ll be ready in time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

The brocolli from the winter crop finally has a head, I need to harvest it to keep it from going to seed.

The kale and bussell sprouts bolted, so I will harvest those seeds when they are ready. They bolted about three weeks apart, so I shouldn’t have much of an issue with cross pollination.

The grapes are starting to get some new branches. I doubt I’ll have grapes this year though, the plants are still too young.

So, what’s going on at your place?

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