Floating down the river…

This post has nothing to do with floating down a river, mearly just the passage of time. And in the passage of time the garden has been coming along, although slowly due to the lack of great continuous sunshine.

The tomatoes have seemed to shake the blight. The new tips are bright and ready for the upcoming summer.

My potatoes are coming right along, they are about 2′ tall and are probably about to start growing this year’s potatoes in full force!

My apple tree is coming along nicely – many little apples are forming. I need to get some of the nylon try-on footies (that you see in the shoe department) of most department stores to prevent against an apple maggot infestation.

The raspberry bush is putting on some fruit – though not yet ready to eat!

Another delightful suprise is my strawberry plants have put on a couple of strawberries. I have them in a tube like this one .

So, what is growing in your garden? Share in the comments below!

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