Great Gifts for Gardeners

Two weeks ago, I know someone that had a birthday (me) and this last weekend, I had breakfast with Miss Mar. She got me a great birthday gift, a truly great one! She found a delightful wooden seed starting tray!

This made me think of all the great gifts out there for gardeners! The gifts can be free to over the top expensive. A great free gift I’ve thought of could be the gift of a second set of hands for tasks around the garden. ergonomic hand tools such as those from Radius Garden tools. These tools are a different shape and fit properly in the hand. They would be great for someone that has pain while gardening.

Another idea is a new gardening book. There are many new cookbooks and other gardening books that a gardener would be delighted to get! a couple of suggestions, and some that are on my list:

  1. The Heirloom Life Gardener
  2. The Country Cook’s Kitchen
  3. Easy Growing

An over the top type of gift could be a greenhouse or a set of chickens with a lovely chicken coop. A greenhouse is a big investment and is something that the recipient needs to be involved in the decision. Chickens require a level of commitment and enjoyment.

There are many options out there for a great gardener gift, and I’ve outlined a few. Keep a open ear and your gardener friend will tell you (even without them knowing) what would be a great gift! And without saying these are all great gifts for yourself!

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