An Interesting Book

I have found an interesting book.The book is called Folks, this ain’t normal, by Joel Salatin. Joel is a multi-generational farmer in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He raises multiple different species including cattle, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. He owns a farm that produces for many of his local restaurants, including two local Chipotles.

This book is quite interesting as he has broken down many of the things we as Americans do on a regular basis that just isn’t normal food wise. He talks about packaging, chicken nuggets and the loss of cooking skills in America, among the many.

At the end of each chapter, Joel sets out between 5 & 10 items that you can do to negate the problems outlined in that specific chapter. Many of this things are easy and straight forward actions that are easily accomplished and easily held onto as habits.

I am only about a third through the book, but I think the book has a very insightful view of how America has changed and how we can get it back.

What books have you read lately? Have they changed your outlook?

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