What’s Growing in the Garden

With the gorgeous weather the last couple of weeks, the garden has been growing great. Here is a bit of an update as to its progress. I am trying a new picture method this week, quality isn’t as good as I am used to.

The second round of cucumbers are getting ready to start fruiting. The first round was decimated by a late cold burst early this growing season.








The three varieties of tomato plants are starting to put on tomatoes. Even the two plants that had a time with blight are doing well. Here is one of the other varieties.


The green beans are starting to grow up and up. They are even starting to mingle with the tomato plants.


The carrots are also growing nicely. I planted more seeds for a fall crop, but they may have been eaten by our feathered friends, being I’ve seen no germination from those. Note to self – replant for winter harvest!


At the last minute I also planted some squash for this winter, just a couple of seeds apiece. Those seedlings are coming up and starting to form true leaves.


I have also been picking some lettuce these last couple of weeks for dinners. The Territorial Seed Pom Pom lettuce is a sweet crispy lettuce that is slow to bolt unlike the spinach I planted.


Last week, I harvested one of the varieties of potato, the Yukon Gold, empty space seen in back of this picture. These potato plants are a Russian fingerling variety, and will be harvested here shortly and put into storage!


And the apple tree – looking good! Each of these apples are about 2″ in diameter, and hopefully will be mature by fall.


How’s the gardening going at your home? Let us know in the comments below! Enjoy the weather this week, should be delightful!!

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