I Just Don’t Have the Time…

I am an avid veggie gardener. I love to get out there and get my hands dirty. There is just something that I love so much about it, and because of this, I am always trying to convert people into veggie gardeners. But a line I hear a lot is, “But I just don’t have the time.”

But there is a little known secret… it doesn’t take as much time as one might think. I can tell you that in the last week, I have been out in the garden for about an hour total, and a lot of that time was spent finding the potatoes I missed during last summer’s harvest. On average I only spend about 5-7 minutes per day out in the veggie garden, if I end up making it out there at all. I love veggie gardening, but just like you, sometimes, I just don’t have the time.

And then you ask, but what about watering? Nope, on a timer. This one actually. I have it set up to water twice a day, twenty minutes each. Easy to set up, I just wish that it had another output to be able to water the apple tree and blueberry bushes on a time too. But I can add another timer on later.

Weeding? Hardly any. I pull whatever weeds I see in those same 5-7 minutes. A point though about this is that you must start with clean soil mixture. My mixture was 1/4 peat moss, 1/4 vermiculite, and 1/2 Cedar Grove 2-way compost/sand blend. If you start with a clean mix, you will be much happier.

The bulk of my time is spent in the garden is just looking at it, and enjoying the peacefulness it gives me knowing that I grew these plants, from seed. In full disclosure, my setup did take some time to get started. My husband and I built the beds, set the irrigation line, mixed the soil, and then fabricated the rover cover supports. This is a good weekend’s work, but well worth it.

Over the next week, I am going to be timing the amount of time I am out in the veggie garden, and then I will give you an accurate count. And building the beds, creating the soil mixture, and fabricating the row covers, can all be done in the fall/winter time when there is a bit more time available.

So after finding out the secret, can you set aside a weekend to get started?

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