The Harvest

So yesterday, in anticipation of the coming cool weather and dark afternoons, I harvested the abundance from the garden. Really the only thing in abundance at this point was my tomatoes! Yes tomatoes!

I harvested about 7 pounds of the three varieties I planted. The plants still have more tomatoes on them waiting to ripen or waiting to become fried green tomatoes!


The two plants above are the Territorial Stupice and the Tess’ Land Race. By far the plant with the most tomatoes, although small tomatoes, was the Kibits Ukranian Tomato. See this post for more info on these!

I am also looking forward to the fall garden with spinach, lettuce, and carrots planted for the fall.


On Sunday I also planted some onions for a summer harvest – Egyptian Walking Onions from Territorial Seed. (I received mine on Saturday and they look sold out already!) They are a neat looking top-setting onion, and I will keep you posted on their growth!

So, what have you harvested? Whats growing for your fall garden?

2 responses to “The Harvest

  1. Congratulations on your harvest; you must be pleased! The Egyptian Walking Onions sound really neat – will definitely want to read about how you fare with those. Cheers.

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