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To Determine or Not…

Your tomato varieties that is!

Determinate and indeterminate varieties are all over the place, and are you at a loss to choose which one? The warm weather is upon us, and it is, or seems to be, safe for the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to go outside for the season.

And so, if you haven’t already, go pick up a tomato plant, or two!

But before you go, a couple of words of wisdom about determinate and indeterminate tomato varieties.

Determinate varieties are also known as bush tomatoes, and typically set all their fruit within a window of about 2 weeks. And then the plant dies. This sounds like a negative, but if you were to want to plant tomatoes for canning purposes, this is a great way to go.

Indeterminate varieties are varieties that produce throughout the season, until frost, and are great for the kitchen garden. The plant will typically keep you in fresh tomatoes for months, and then enough frozen for sauces later on as well. Indeterminate varieties get big. My long standing favorite, Tess’s Land Race, gets to a size of 3-4′ in diameter, and constantly produces. Last year, I didn’t even need to plant seeds! They came up on their own! I get my TLRs from Amishland Seeds in PA.

I hope this helps to explain the mystery of determinate and indeterminate varieties.

Next time… I will give a review on a grafted tomato and a “grow bag”.

What’s Growing On?

What’s going on! But really, whats growing?

Alot here at my place! The asparagus is moving right along, I might be wanting asparagus for dinner this weekend! Don’t they just look yummy?

And a really interesting occurrence…

… last year’s potato crop sprouting again! It looks like I missed a couple. Maybe more than a couple, probably about 10-20 potatoes!

And this year’s potatoes are just moving along. Planted on the 10th of March…

they are under a row cover to help keep in the heat.

The lettuce, spinach and carrots haven’t started their growth yet, but the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers I have started inside are taking off like wildfire!

These guys have been moved into 4″ pots and are away from the heat pad. They get natural sun throughout the day in a south facing window. Last weekend they spent Saturday outside.

And these guys are just about to get into 4″ pots.

What’s going on in your garden? Leave comments below!

I Have Begun, Have You?

On Saturday, I started my seeds. I have an unusual number of tomatoes, four different varieties. As a gal grown up on the east coast, I need my summer tomatoes. I have heard from others that the tomato is a lost cause here, but, I feel that I must have some. Outside, not in a greenhouse, but a real true tomato, outside.

So, here are my four varieties:

  1. Kibits Ukranian Tomato – Amishland Seeds
  2. Tess’ Land Race Tomato – Amishland Seeds
  3. Arbason F1 Tomato – High Mowing
  4. TM862 Stupice Tomato – Territorial Seed

I also planted some peppers, broccoli and cucumbers. Here is my seed starting setup. I have a piece of rigid foam under the heat mat, and a grow light to assist my little seedlings.

Here is everything, ready to go! I have a big box warehouse brand sprayer bottle for watering the seedlings once they get going. This allows a soft water stream that will not disrupt the seedling’s growth. I also have the light on a timer.


So, I have started, have you? Please let us know in the comments below!