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How the Garden Grew this Year

The garden had a slow start, I though for sure that my beans would be a bust. They actually produced fairly well. I am pretty sure that I haven’t yet found them all.

Beans Keep Growing
The tomatoes (that I planted) were a late bloomer as well. I put them out in late May and they didn’t end up putting on fruit until just a couple of weeks ago. Their fruit started to ripen just a couple of days ago. I was starting to get worried, and then I realized that the plant was a yellow tomato plant!

The other tomatoes that I had this year was a couple of volunteer tomatoes from last year! The variety, Tess’s Land Race, is an amazing tiny flavorful fruit. It puts on abundant fruit throughout the growing season. I’ll probably have tomatoes for a couple more weeks! I found TLR through Amishland Seeds in Pennsylvania. I hadn’t been looking for the variety, though I am very happy to have found it!

About two years ago, I planted some grape vines and earlier this growing season I had noticed these odd growths on the vines. And I just didn’t think anything of it. Later in the summer, those odd growths started to take the shape of bunches of grapes. And they grew. The bunches of grapes are small, and the fruit itself is small, but boy, are they sweet. They are easy to grab as walking by, they are delicious. And I think for next year’s season my dear husband will help me build a trellis like we saw on our recent overseas adventure.

IMG_0402 IMG_0403
The apple tree put on a good fruit set, but because of the lack of water I gave it, it dropped most of it’s fruit prior to harvest. It’s a lesson learned, and I’ve been looking into low flow (pressure) irrigation options that I can use a 5 gallon bucket to water the tree through drip emitters. My other option is one of those water tree rings. Still undecided. Probably will try the tree ring.

How did your garden grow this year? Let us know in the comments!

Fresh from the Garden

On Friday, I picked a tomato from the garden. He was starting to get ripe, but I wasn’t quite sure he’d get there before the rains made him start to rot. I picked him and forced him to get ripe, on the windowsill of course!

Well, Sunday night he became an addition to our dinner salad. He and his cucumber friend! Yes, I got a cucumber! Remember when I put up the photo of the really late cucumber flowers? Well… here is a photo of a cucumber from one of those really late flowers! He was yummy!

Late last week I also picked an ear of corn, last night we grilled him up and had him with dinner. He was alright, I wasn’t completely impressed. But I also picked up the packet of seeds on a whim with no real research.

Speaking of research, I will also be looking into a shorter season tomato variety than the one I had planted this year. Hmmm, maybe a greenhouse variety will work good with our shorter season.

What have you harvested lately?

Photo Update for Sept 8

Here are a couple of photos for this week! See how nicely the broccoli is coming along? I just planted that Labor Day weekend!


I have some cucumber flowers, too bad they’re only FOUR months late!!

Here is also some spinach coming up!


I have a singular ear of corn on my sweet corn. Hopefully we’ll be able to eat it!


And finally, I have a couple of tomatoes that better be getting ready to start turning! If they don’t I’ll have to force them inside.

How is your garden from the summer coming along? How about the fall?

Garden Recap – My Return

For being gone so long, everything looks great! (Thank you neighbor children.) I have a couple of tomatoes coming along!


And a couple of raspberries…

But, a couple of my corn plants have fallen over. All of them actually. Granted, I only have 5 plants, but they have all fallen over. I will need to see about staking them today. I will post an update when I have them done!


Other than that, I have alot to catch up on. What have you been working on lately?

This Weekend – Recap

Well, I have expanded! From two garden beds to four. I just have all the details to finalize. The details like… weed block for the edges and bottom of the inside of the beds, irrigation, soil mixture, and row cover structure. Just the details!

I also inherited a couple of feet of soaker hose for whenever we may go out of town. It will allow for automation of the watering of the fruit trees/bushes and ease for whomever I get to watch the gardens. I hope its ok from time to time I go into some information on the fruit trees and bushes. I like those too, and I also feel that fruit should be in everyone’s backyard! They just make for such a sweet treat on a hot day, straight off the plant! I had some delightful raspberries today at the same place where I got some soaker hose at Miss Mar’s house. They were planted already when she bought the house with Mr. Mar. Their bushes are large and just going crazy with raspberries at this time of year. She also has a couple of blueberry bushes that are also putting off loads of berries. And again I thank Miss Mar for all the extras she has around her place garden wise. And this is a reminder to you to see what your gardener friends might have so that you can remove and prevent things from entering the landfill. And what do you have that would be useful for others in your circle?

David and I also built a (small) stone wall, laid some pathways near the vegetable garden, and placed more mulch to be able to round out the vegetable garden area and make it more visually appealing. Now I just need to be able to convince David of the greenhouse for the wintertime… Hmm, I wonder, has anyone (besides Miss Mar, I know she has already) tried Territorial’s greenhouse tomato varieties?

With all I got done this weekend, what did you do this weekend?

Oh Tomatoes!

I just got back in from checking on the garden. I wanted to check on the tomato plants, they have been flowering for almost two weeks, and I just haven’t seen anything yet. But tonight I found my first mini tomato. It is on par with the size of a TicTac. Everyone I know has sizable tomatoes on their plants already, but here’s the catch. One has a green house, one had purchased a tomato plant with little tomatoes on it, and… I started mine from seed. In March. I have plants that are three feet tall, but only just started to flower. Dang Seattle weather. A great wedding present would be sizable tomatoes when I get back. Oh how thrilled I would be!

No mini peppers yet though. Bummer. But, the green beans (bush variety) are seeming to recover from the potatoes taking over. I do have a little green bean, its so cute. I just hope he gets some brothers and sisters, and QUICK. I would like some yummy green beans for dinner.

How is your garden coming along?

Garden Photos

Here are a couple of photos from the garden last night… I wish my potatoes treated the rest of the veggies nicely! They just took over the plots… The potatoes will be getting their own plot next year.