We would like to have a vegetable garden in everyone’s yard. Anyone can grow their own food, all it takes is just a little patience. We are in the information age now and I would like to become your information source for all things in your vegetable garden! My intention is to bring you new content every day for viewing. Ask me questions, and request information. I will get it to you. I promise.

My name is Crystal. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for four years now and I love growing my vegetables. I enjoy the satisfaction it brings and the rewards I reap. I have had some issues gardening here in the Puget Sound because of the weather differences compared to the rest of the country. Because of our weather patterns, we can have these fake-outs for the spring to begin and then have no summer whatsoever. Its depressing sometimes when you need to get outside and get going, but the weather is not cooperating. I am writing this blog so that you have the ability to follow my trials and tribulations and maybe become inspired to get growing!

You can contact me at northwestveggies at gmail dot com. Sorry folks, but I don’t want to get hit by mountains of SPAM!!